The Single Barrel Collection (S.B.C.) is only comprised of barrels hand-selected by Cedar Ridge’s Head Distiller Murphy Quint. Each barrel is bottled at cask strength when he deems it ready. Since launching in 2021, we’ve released four barrels as part of the collection:

Barrel 14.317 at 121.6 Proof

Barrel 16.430 at 122.2 Proof

Barrel 16.531 at 123.6 Proof

Barrel 17.426 at 123.6 Proof

Stay tuned for more releases in 2022!

What people are saying about the S.B.C.

“Hand-selected by Head Distiller, Murphy Quint, this one gives sweet caramel and coffee crumb cake notes on the nose followed by a pop of spicy cinnamon and heavily charred oak. It concludes with a tannic strawberry note and keeps you coming back for more,” Danielle Kurtz, @CoffeeBlackWhiskeyNeat.




Watch Fred Minnick review Release #1 of our highly allocated Single Barrel Collection (S.B.C.). This first release was only available in Iowa but watch for future releases available to more. Thanks, Fred!

What is the S.B.C.?

What makes S.B.C. different from other bourbons?


Enter our lottery for a chance to purchase a bottle of our next S.B.C. release. Stop by our Tasting Room during normal business hours between November 25th and December 11th to enter the lottery, or submit your entry using the online form. Must be 21 or older to enter.

Winners will be announced before December 14th.

  • IN-PERSON ENTRY: Begins November 25th, 2022 (Cedar Ridge, 1441 Marak Rd NW, Swisher, IA 52338)
  • ONLINE ENTRY: Online Entry begins November 25th, 2022
  • Entry ends on December 11th at 11:59 pm CST.


  1. How long will the lottery run?
    The online lottery will be open from November 25th, until 11:59 p.m. CST on December 11th. In-person entry will only be available during normal business hours.
  2. Can I enter more than once?
    One entry per person.
  3. How many bottles can each person purchase?
    One bottle per person for the Cedar Ridge lottery.
  4. Do I have to come to Cedar Ridge to enter? Are call-ins accepted?
    We would love to have you visit Cedar Ridge in person to enter the drawing for a chance to purchase, but online submissions – using the form above – will also be accepted. No call-ins, please.
  5. Are you allowing Cedar Ridge Staff to enter the lottery?
    There will be no staff entered into this drawing.
  6. When are winners announced?
    Winners will be announced via email on before December 14th. The email from Cedar Ridge will provide details on how to arrange purchase and pick-up.
  7. How much is this bottle selling for?
    The retail price for the S.B.C. is $69.99.
  8. How long do winners have to purchase and pick up their bottles?
    Lottery winners must arrange purchase and pick up at Cedar Ridge 7 days after the raffle. Winners must show proof of ID for pickup.
  9. Do I have to come to Cedar Ridge to purchase my bottle?
    Yes. Winners must come to Cedar Ridge to purchase and pick up their bottles. Shipping is not available.
  10. Are proxies allowed?
    Proxy pick-ups are allowed. Proxy must be named by the winner and be 21 years of age to purchase the bottle.
  11. Where else will S.B.C. be available for purchase?
    Retailers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri will have an opportunity to purchase a select number of these highly allocated bottles.
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